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Renault Zoe reveal

Renault Zoe (sometimes stylised as ZOE and pronounced as "Zoé") is a five-door supermini electric car produced by the French manufacturer Renault.

Earlier Zoes have a 22 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a range between 210 km (130 mi) and 240 km (150 mi) under the NEDC cycle. In September 2016, Renault announced the introduction of an optional 41 kWh lithium-ion battery, increasing the range to 400 km (250 mi) under the NEDC cycle.

Renault had previously unveiled, under the Zoe name, a number of different concept cars. Initially in 2005 as the Zoe City Car and later as the Zoe Z.E. electric concept was shown in two different versions in 2009 and 2010 under the Renault Z.E. name. A production ready version of the Zoe was shown at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

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