Beauty Retouch

In video post-production, the process of removing blemishes, pimples, and imperfections from the skin of a talent is commonly referred to as "beauty retouching" or "skin retouching."

This technique involves digitally enhancing the appearance of the talent's skin to create a smoother and more flawless complexion.

Beauty retouching is often used to achieve a polished and refined look in the final video, ensuring that the talent's visual presentation aligns with the desired aesthetic standards.


Skin Smoothing
Blemish and Spot Removal
Skin Color Correction
Complexion Enhancement
Eye Bag Reduction
Teeth Whitening
Hair Retouching
Facial Feature Enhancement
Wardrobe Malfunction Correction
Lighting Adjustment / Relighting
Consistent Skin Tone
Natural Motion Retention
HD and 4K Detailing


DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Fusion
After Effects
Mocha Pro
Neat Video
Beauty Box

beauty_1-00039 beauty_1-00040
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beauty_4-00038 beauty_4-00039
beauty_5-00038 beauty_5-00039
beauty_6-00040 beauty_6-00041
beauty_7-00039 beauty_7-00040
beauty_8-00040 beauty_8-00041
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retouch_beauty_mouth_before-1 retouch_beauty_mouth_after-1