Leverage your keynotes
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was famous for his keynote presentations. It was something he took pride in and used it as a sharpened tool in his armory to democratize computing.

We have all seen presentations that are just to cluttered and overwhelming visually. 

Whether they are jam packed with words on a slide or filled with terrible word art that looks confused and outdated busy slides can easily distract from the overall presentation.

That is why a good presentation design is a vital tool for every great presenter.

Don’t make the mistake of settling for a boring template. 

Leverage your design and let me help you creating a standout presentation that will leave an impression.

How to craft a killer presentation in five steps

1. Knowledge: Having a solid knowledge of the subject you’re presenting is the key, as It allow to convey your message naturally, and provide the foundation of your presentation. 

2. Content: With great knowledge, comes great content to support your presentation. Being picky with the sources of information we use, and make sure to attribute any relevant source of information. Respect the audience, and provide something worth listening to.

3. Synthesis: The editing part is probably the hardest and most thorough process of all. It implies getting rid of any unnecessary information, and focusing on small chunks of information that people will be able to grasp and remember. A poor editorial work is a slippery slope that leads to blasting your slides with an insane amount of data, causing the infamous Death by PowerPoint. 

4. Outline: After successfully synthesizing all the main ideas to convey, it is time to arrange all the chunks of information into a logical presentation outline. Everything up to this point should be done without even touching Keynote or Powerpoint. 

5. Design: This is the moment to put a spell on your slides, and blow your audience away with a killer visual proposal. Now it’s the time to dig into presentation, and make the most of the graphic resources and animations.


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