Data in motion: we are visual learners
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The reason why infographics are so popular might have something to do with the fact that 65% of the world’s population is made up of visual learners.

When complex topics and data are presented in raw form, they can be hard to deliver and understand, but when they are condensed and depicted graphically, they can become much easier to understand.

I strive to make the visual world a better place, using design and creative skills to deliver complex information and memorable eye-catching graphics in motion.

The four elements of Data Visualization
What makes a good visualization
David McCandless |

All four elements in his graphic seem essential. With just two, you get something prototypical and sketchy – which is okay if you’re at an early stage. With three, the end result is strangely lacking.

See how, interestingly, if you combine information & function & visual form without story, you get “boring”. Something that looks good but isn’t that interesting.

Similarly, if you combine visuals, information & story without considering functionality and your goal, you get something useless.

Less is more: improving the “Data-To-Ink” ratio
presentology less is more

Cool infographs are considered art, and as such do more than just share data. The design aspect itself is enough to draw attention, and for most marketers that is enough. But when you’re presenting to your boss or to investors, you want the data to take the lead. In that case, less is always more.

Edward Tufte is arguably the most famous statistician on the planet, and the author of some of the best books on data visualization (highly recommended!). He continuously hammers on the fact that concise, straight-forward information is the most effective way to convey a message.

What is a Data Visualization Specialist?

The Data Visualization Specialist is responsible for turning abstract information from data analyses into appealing and understandable visualizations that improve business insights from the results of the analyses.

A creative thinker who understand user interface design and apply visualizations skills such as user experience design, data visualization, and graphical design.

Individuals in this role understand how information is turned into knowledge and how this knowledge supports and enables key business processes.

They must have a good understanding of data access requirements for business analytics and exploration. Also required are analytical skills, the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with team members, as well as an innate curiosity around wanting to understand business processes, business strategy and strategic business initiatives to help drive incremental business value from enterprise data assets.

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