Yes I’m a Colorist, No I Don’t Do Hair

In fact, I color video.

I put the final polish on your film, using specialized tools to shift the audience’s mood from moment to moment.

I start by ingesting your original footage, wether on set or in my studio and, depending on the mood of the piece, change it so it has the right feel.

If you want the warm fuzzies I can make a pretty golden glow.

If you are looking for more of a fashion mood, I can make it subdued and irresistible.

A specialized workflow
Color Process
source: video workflow e-book

Color correction is the process of adjusting and enhancing the visual characteristics of a film, including exposure, contrast, and color balance.

Of course, various types of preliminary color work are done at earlier stages of the production, but color correction applies a finalized look that reflects the Director of Photography’s artistic vision.

This process is critical to both the technical and creative aspects of a film, as it ties together everything presented on screen into a cohesive and beautiful image.


Color Grading
Data Wrangling


DaVinci Micro Panel
X-Rite Color Checker
X-Rite i1
Mac Pro / PC
QNAP 20Tb Thunderbolt 3


DaVinci Resolve Studio
Blackmagic Fusion
Mocha Pro
Apple Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere
Neat Video OFX
FilmConvert OFX
Beauty Box OFX
Pomfort Silverstack

Client List

National Geographic
Sharjah TV
Fisher Price