This is a landscape picture of Matteo Curcio looking through the scope of a fully rigged Arri Alexa Mini in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I come with a diverse background focused on the creation and management of content across various mediums, including audio, photography, video, and emerging media.

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, my journey has taken me across the map, from Milano to Melbourne, through Florence, Munich, and Dubai, working on in diverse projects catering to corporate, educational, and institutional clients, covering broadcast, online platforms, events, brand activations, and cutting-edge 360° stereoscopic immersive video, VR and AR.

Initially trained in computer science and audio production, I transitioned into content localization for TV campaigns, delving into the technical aspects of media production to create content that resonates with diverse audiences. Establishing video and audio post-production studios between Milan and Florence, I advanced my Color Grading skills, consistently anticipating and meeting client needs.

Driven by a curiosity about what lies ahead of post-production, I moved into the exciting realms of pre-production and shooting of a diverse range of content. From conventional 16:9 formats to groundbreaking stereoscopic VR/360° projects and AR content, this experience not only enhanced my skills in visual storytelling but also nurtured a comprehensive and holistic approach.

During a six-year tenure in Dubai, I curated content for prominent brands and governmental entities. Leading small teams, I delivered exceptional content—ranging from videos and graphics to activations—for events of varying scales.

Presently situated in Melbourne at the AZ Studio, a boutique facility in Balaclava specializing in high-end post-production and videography, I am immersed in the city's lively coffee culture and flourishing art scene. Here, I persistently hone my expertise in motion graphics and post-production, while researching into the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity.