Musetta “Nicotine EP”

Right after the beautiful ‘Red Star’, Glenn Morrison is presenting a new jewel from Italian duo Musetta: ‘Nicotine’. There’s nothing like Musetta’s typical sound. While the bitter taste and addictive side-effect of nicotine forms the center of attention in this track, it’s the beloved, soulful voice of Marinella Mastrosimone that captures the senses. The Morrison imprint is glad to have the masterminds of Musetta on their side and present a lovely remix package to go along with the original mix. Glenn Morrison took the honor to transform this ambient pearl into a progressive banger with a mysterious touch, while Todd Mackenzie calms it all down into an enchanting chilled version. Last but not least, Tyler Michaud and Manuel de la Mare gave it a bit of a housy feel, with a summer-minded, dreamy break. As you can see, all favours and flavours are represented. If you love the Musetta sound, you’ll be enchanted by this one.

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